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Yash Makan
Yash Makan

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My First YouTube Video | I am Back!!

Hi 👋

Hey folks, I am Yash Makan, a 17-year-old teenager whose life revolves around technology. I love creating and building stuff. I am a freelancer, online blogger, and app developer(in Bangalore based company) and now I have finally decided to start my own youtube channel. I am really excited and would love support from y’all. Here is my first video if you are interested.

Now basically I have planned so much for this youtube channel so if you really don’t want to miss out on the content then make sure to subscribe so that I can pop on your feeds. In my upcoming videos, you can expect cool python projects related to NLP, machine learning, image processing, automation, backend development, flask, and Django. Also, you can expect videos on flutter/dart on app development, Figma frontend designs, the latest tech news (for me and you guys 😉) and one secret project that I can’t reveal right now but I can tell you one thing. It’s going to be HUGE!. I am really excited and if you guys have any ideas then do let me know in the discussion below. I will consider each one of your thought... Also, If you are not too excited till now and don’t use youtube often then worry not, for each of my videos, I will also create a blog post with all the code files or anything else so that you can bookmark the article and read later. So, I guess that’s it for today’s article I will meet you guys in the next video and blog post. Till then keep learning!

PS: If you are on Twitter then you can follow me there as well I will be posting short tips related to programming in general there as well on daily basis.

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