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Tips on how to become best software developer

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If you are beginner in IT, probably that's not that easy to cover all the skills, knowledge at one day. Success in engineering is a matter of tremendous work and self-education. How not to loose your path and become the best software developer?

Referring to 9 practical tips how to become best software developer, here is presented some of them.

Start working on your teamwork skills.

Teamwork is everything in IT. The most effective way to upgrade teamwork skills is to provide necessary and effective feedback in a team on your own achievements as well as feedback on results of others. Let people understand what is your workflow and complexity of tasks. It would be good to establish friendly and open relations with your manager. Talk about tasks, share experience and let your manager know about challenges you have. Then, try to understand what's company policy, what are companies values. If everything suits you, you'll feel pretty comfortable in a team. Read and discover how to control emotions and how to cope with conflict people. It gives fine understanding why people behave in this or that way and how not to feel pressure because of millions of colleagues' characters.

Pay attention to the IT courses.

Possibility to grow is in you hands. Programming languages update constantly, so do not hesitate to enroll in online courses, find courses in your city, learn if your company provides courses for employees. Do not forget that there is a plenty of related domains such as Design, Design Thinking, Business Analysis, Marketing and more on the list.

Improve your English.

It is a must have rule for non-English specking countries. HR specialists look for Upper Intermediate or at least B2 English Speakers nowadays. To help you with searches for English courses online, here is a list of interesting and easy-to-learn resources: Duolinguo, Memrise, Babbel for business, Busuu, Hello Talk, Lingvist, Beelinguapp, Mango Languages, Italki, Open English.

Think out of box. Don't be afraid of mistakes. It's experience you earn.

Quite often, beginners are not sure about when they are qualified enough to start applying for a job. There is one secret regarding how to get the job. You will be hired, when you convince the employer that you are exactly the person is needed in the company. It is really important when recruiter likes you when it goes together with good technical skills – you get a combo combination, and become really required among employers.
A good thing is – it is possible to develop self-confidence, by leaving the comfort zone, meeting new people, traveling, going to conferences and so on. Everything is in your hands!

Learn other fields. Additional knowledge is a secret to make things right.

Especially if you work on the Fintech project, learn how trading system works, what are financial strategies, what are japan candlestick patterns, why London, Tokio and New York stocks are the biggest ones. There is so much to discover. Understanding how industry works is very essential.

Look for relevant position for you skills.

It seems like not anything which is hard to perform, still, some special skills are required, in order to get the job. Just imagine, there are two guys, who are starting to look for a job, at the same time. Developer A represents perfect technical skills, learning and practicing programming for 10 years old. Developer B is just a beginner in the IT world. So, A is sending CV to all the companies in the city, and waiting for the response. B is doing the same, additionally telling all the friends from IT, about job searching. How do think, who is going to get the job faster? I bet, this is going to be B, as additional to skills it is important to get people to talk about you, so HR specialist of the companies keep you in mind before there is an offer for you. Additionally, friends of B are going to share pieces of advice regarding performing of the job interview.

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