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re: Very excited that you posted this article, I am just beginning to start building things to add to my portfolio/github. It was somewhat mentioned in...

I like the idea of getting comfortable with HTML, CSS, and plain JS first, so I'd agree with your statement about having a good grasp of those along with some projects to back up your skills. It's so much easier to learn a framework when you know those languages.

Once you're comfortable with the fundamentals, the next step is to look at companies you're interested in and see what tech most of them seem to be using. If there's a framework that keeps popping up, experiment with that and build a small project with it. That way you'll have an idea of how to use it, and you have evidence you can point to that you've used it.

If you ever find yourself unsure what to spend time on, you won't go wrong sharpening your HTML, CSS, and JS since these automatically make you better at many frameworks at once.

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