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Secure Your JavaScript Project with 'npm audit'!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is npm audit
  3. How to use npm audit
  4. Details of npm audit
  5. Fixing vulnerabilities with npm audit
  6. Conclusion


Hello everyone. Today, I will explain how to check the security of a JavaScript project. Many of you may be using Node Package Manager (npm) to manage your JavaScript projects. npm has a useful feature for checking security: 'npm audit'.

What is npm audit

'npm audit' is a command of npm, used to check security vulnerabilities in the dependencies used in your JavaScript project.

How to use npm audit

Using npm audit is simple. First, navigate to the root directory of your project.

cd /path/to/your/project
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Then, run the following command.

npm audit
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Just by doing this, the security vulnerabilities of the project's dependencies are scanned, and a detailed report is displayed if any problems are detected.

Details of npm audit

The 'npm audit' report contains the following information.

  • Level of security vulnerability (low, moderate, high)
  • Details of the vulnerability
  • The package affected
  • Methods of correction (if possible)

Fixing vulnerabilities with npm audit

When 'npm audit' detects vulnerabilities, recommended steps to resolve them are listed in the report.

For instance, if a moderate vulnerability is shown for the 'express' package, a report like this will be displayed.

=== npm audit security report ===                        

# Run  npm update express --depth 1  to resolve 1 vulnerability
│ Moderate      │ Path Traversal                                                │
│ Package       │ express                                                       │
│ Dependency of │ express                                                       │
│ Path          │ express                                                       │
│ More info     │                              │
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This report indicates that there is a moderate vulnerability (Path Traversal) in the 'express' package and that you need to update the package to correct it.

To address this, run the following command.

npm update express --depth 1
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This will update the express package to the latest version and fix the vulnerability.


'npm audit' is a powerful tool to check and fix the security vulnerabilities of a JavaScript project. Run 'npm audit' regularly to check for vulnerabilities in your project. Security is an important element, and neglecting it can lead to major problems.

I hope this article will be useful for your projects. Thank you for reading!

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