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4 Design Principles for Supporting Decision Making

When it comes to decision making, having the right design principles in place can make all the difference. Here are four design principles that can help support decision making.

Progressive Disclosure

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Progressive disclosure is a design principle that involves revealing information gradually, as needed. This technique can include using tooltips, labels, and expanding sections. By presenting information in a progressive manner, users can make more informed decisions without feeling overwhelmed.

Cognitive Aids

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Cognitive aids are tools or techniques that help users process and understand information. These aids can take many forms, from visualizations and diagrams to checklists and decision trees. Providing timely reminders, notifications, and visual cues can help users remember important information or tasks, and make complex information more accessible and easier to understand.


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Feedback is an essential component of decision making. Visual cues, messages, and animations can provide instant feedback to help users understand the results of their decisions and guide them towards desired outcomes.


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Defaults are pre-set options that users can choose from when making decisions. By setting defaults that are aligned with users' goals and preferences, designers can help support decision making by making it easier for users to make choices that are in their best interest. Smart defaults, such as pre-filled forms or suggested options, can help users make decisions in a context-appropriate manner.
By incorporating these four design principles into decision-making processes, designers can help support users in making better decisions. Whether it's through progressive disclosure, cognitive aids, feedback, or defaults, these principles can help make complex decisions more manageable and less overwhelming.

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