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NarayaN Yaduvanshi
NarayaN Yaduvanshi

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The safest url shortener for the WEB

Almost all url shortener that I see today on world wide web comes in 2 simple part.

  • Domain name
  • combination of 6 alpha numerics.

When you click on it, it takes you to a long url.


I as a user have no idea where these 6 alpha-numeric phrase mystery will take me.
Let me take another eg:
Below I have 2 short URLs. One of them will take me to youtube website and other to a NSFW website. Can you tell me which one does what?


(Don't be idiot like me and click these URLs without headphones on)

To me, this is a problem, links are meant to inform you where they are taking you by their domains names. I like to not have surprises.


Below are 2 short URLs, Can you again take a look at them and tell me if you can figure out which short URL takes you to youtube and not the NSFW website.


I have added target domain as the third part of the url, so that web users can take an informed decision whether to click it or not.

There it is, I believe this will make the web a little secure and links trustworthy. I means back to old times. Cheers


If we go ahead with just the domain name and short code, we should give a choice to users whether they want to redirect to that site or not.

Clicking the above URL will take you to redirection page where it will inform you about the destination and give you a choice to abort or proceed. Just like this picture.
choice to redirect

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