re: When did you stop thinking of yourself as a junior/newbie? VIEW POST


I actually always feel like a newbie, well at least a couple of times per week and every few years.

Switching always introduces a year of newbie-ness.
Same goes for languages(php, elixir, c#, java etc), new databases(redis, graphql, postgres, etc), sytems(OSX, Linux, RTEMS, etc), buildtooling(grunt, brunch, gulp, webpack etc,) platforms(raspberry pi, beagleboard, pc, etc), paradigms(DDD, BDD, Scrum, etc), external api's(logstash, mailchimp, etc), frameworks(laravel, symfony, angular1-6, vuejs, etc), CMS'ses(wordpress, joomla, modx, expression engine, craftcms, etc) etc, etc.

New projects always introduce different needs.

A new thing right not is that I just picked up Erlang and embedded programming, which are totally new to me.

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