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Reservation mitigation application

Now countries are coming out of lock-down, COVID-19 still imposes limitations on the way we come together. And I see a lot of places in need of a reservation system.

  • At work, we can't be more than 20 persons in the landscape office, and the lab doesn't allow more than 4, meeting room 1 is limited to 6 and meeting room 2 limited to 9 persons at a time.
  • In the hospital, a patient can't have more than 2 visitors at a time, less than 3 visits per week; the whole wing can't have more than 16 visitors at any moment. At the geriatric wing where my dad lies, they work with a hand brew spreadsheet managed by one nurse.
  • Restaurants and pubs require reserving a spot to keep the number of people under 1/8m²; when a reservation is canceled, another family of 5 can be allowed in. Some are very inventive and use an old traffic light.
  • Hotels need to adapt their systems, too

It's a pity that everyone would have to invent this on their own. So I went searching the web (open source, reservation, COVID, tools). I bumped onto this github overview. I read through this Singapore digital tools overview.

But I couldn't find a tool to solve this very common and current problem. Am I too optimistic, and can't this problem be generalized? Or hasn't the need been urgent enough? Something else?

I wonder... could we join efforts solving this? The result is certainly something that's going to last. Experts expect new viruses coming along, and for sure, COVID isn't dead yet.

In absence of something better, I start the LimitYourPresence project on GitLab. There, we can gather requirements, do some planning, ... It's all very premature, but who knows... what grows out of this!

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