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Just Glue

As a software developer, I have a tendency to get carried away with what I do. It's a great place to be, this invisible palace of connected concepts. It's addictive to build it, to polish it, even to look for cracks and repair them with all the love of the craft.

It's a bit hard to admit, for I try to be a good and respectful person, but also, I feel a little disdain - which I properly hide - towards those unable to see this landscape I build.

Users, testers, product managers. Mechanical engineers, hardware engineers, ... name it. None of these have the faintest idea of the glimmering, out-of-their-worlds fabric of the software I make for them.

Without me, there would be no product to sell. I'm doing the most important work in the company, and all shall know!

The jewels would drop of the crown if it weren't for my glue!

Wait -

Am I actually creating glue, to sit between the gold and the ruby? Must-be-kept-in-a-tube glue, fluid and shapeless first, hidden and rigid afterwards?

Would glue engineers attribute the same glory to their glues?

"As a glue engineer, I make it possible for people to build beauty by connecting valuable parts together."

As a software engineer, I help bright people assemble their greatest ideas into wonderful products.

I want to be grateful for that, proud to be of service, and content. And I promise to do my best to stay humble.

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