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Copyright Clutter Everywhere!

#!/usr/bin/env python3
# **********************************************/
#  Copyright (c) ThisCompany. All rights are
#  reserved.  Reproduction in whole or in part
#  is prohibited without the prior written
#  consent of the copyright owner.
#  This software and any compilation or derivative
#  thereof is and shall remain the proprietary
#  information of ThisCompany and is highly
#  confidential in nature.
# ***********************************************/

def here_the_code_begins():
  """but why isn't it at the top???"""
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Only 10 lines of clutter. On Every Single Source File. I've seen it in every company I worked in, even though the files are stored in a private repository behind seven firewalls, encrypted, password protected and are not intended for publication whatsoever.

Only 10 lines of clutter. On Every Single Source File.

Am I the developer one outraged by this dead code in my code? Who is fed up with having to scroll down half a page everytime they open up a file?

Is a single LICENSE.txt file in the root of the project not enough?

Does anyone know why we're doing this? An old habit?

Does anyone know a better way to protect intellectual property?

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After some poking around, our Intellectual Property attorney stated that a single line notice with a reference to a more elaborate license description suffices.

# Copyright (c) MyCompany. See LICENSE.txt for more info.

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Hunter Peress

Depends what company policy is. I agree that single license file is sufficient.