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Kingdom Hearts RE:Back Cover

Im free-time working together with my "son" on a project called :
Kingdom Hearts RE:Back Over with godotengine 4.1
Is a fan-game remake about Kingdom hearts union cross game (a mobile game developed by squarenix and disney)

in game screenshot

This game was a gatcha game, and the "canon" trama is divided into 900 and more missions (something like filler anime)
The game was turn based game and you should bought "cards" to make combo or special attack
Anyway the gameplay was """shit""" but the game had a wonderful concept:
You were a keyblade wielder and you had to "clean" other worlds from the darkness

cool image of the concept

so im working on a remake fangame about that closed oldgame and i will try to let it work as multiplayer

this is MY in game footage :

my game

This is the original game:

original game
i will post news on this project with some tutorial

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