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Writing RevolveR CMS just for fun

RevolveR CMS is a fast, simple and powerfull contents management system based on PHP 7 language with MySQL DataBase used file cache intended to create news sites, blogs and forums writed just for fun at 6 month of coding.

RevolveR CMS

RevolveR CMS is secure and mobile friendly system with perfect SEO compability. It have full dynamic load pages support, Google AMP and Yandex Turbo pages solutions.

In a case I don't like to use any third party components and write all code self( including Data Base Wrapper X and frontend library Revolver used ES7 solutions so this CMS not intended to use with browsers older than IE Edge).

I was pushed into implementation by slowly Drupal 8 realisation with very hard and dificulty simphony sources. I want to use CMS fast and simple and want to be it payments free for me and other peoples.

Few days I'am looking at WP and other CMSes and lets write my own condition. That's what happened:

1). No dependencies and server requirements(minimal PHP modules requirements).

2). Speedy, lightweight, simple.

3). Self database engine with structures based queries.

4). Self frontend library RevolveR coded in ES 7 JavaScript.

5). Full fetch support of dynamic forms and interfaces.

6). Support of user accounts.

7). Support user points.

8). Full humanity, secure and powerful router(good links for contents).

9). Self developed very simple captcha secure front-end crypted.

10). Support of contents creating with range of categories.

11.) Commenting support.

12). Uploads support.

13). SEO friendly.

14). Self contents editor.

15). Friendly installer.

16). Private messages support.

17). Email notifications support.

18). Twilio SMS notify support

19). Simple forum.

20). Roles support.

21). Internal SEO statistics and tics counters with detailed information about what pages users like more.

Performance is a strong side of RevolveR CMS:

1). 0.5 Mb memory needed with clean website;
2). only one query to DB needed to render cached site;

RevolveR CMS preferences

For a winter time I plane to do some reconstruction of core and add an ecommerce shop module.

Requirements: any Linux Apache, PHP 7, MySQL webhosting. I am not recomend to install it to Windows hosts because all developments was done under Mac OS + MAMP.

All critics are welcome.

Sources github
Devel website and demo

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