A Quick Way to Aggregate Log Data/Drill Down to Investigate a Single Raw Log

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The simplest fastest way to view & search logs for insights is using a fully automated tool - one that collects and parses your logs in just a few clicks and suggest you out of the box reports and dashboards, to get insights in 3 more clicks.

XpoLog 7 log viewer and log search also contain -

  1. Augmented log search to discover Unknown errors.
  2. Predefined log filters and app-tags to get insights faster.
  3. Centralized console to correlate transactions between different logs/events.
  4. Enhanced view of several logs - from multiple remote data sources.
  5. Multiple tools to access data - navigation, search, filters, live tail.
  6. Complex search to build dynamic search queries - focus on time frames, servers, apps, and other log sources.

You can download free here: https://www.xplg.com/log-event-viewer-log-search

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working in the log analysis industry, love to investigate different logs and get to the source of things to help others


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