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Let it be noted that Java is one of the first programming languages that I learned and specifically it's the first language that I used to make actual GUIs and it made me very happy at the time. Yet...

Java is an utter lack of flexibility, boring patterns and incredibly unbearable editor (Oracle rot in hell). People will ask "YES BUT HAVE YOU SEEN THE LATEST FEATURES THE LANGUAGE HAS CHANGED" to which I will reply: I don't care this language has so much legacy of abuse and stupid libs and over-engineering that it's just crap. The language is made to make you do stupid shit like silencing exceptions all the time or typecasting pointers because there is no other way to communicate your data (Android Intents I'm looking at you).

Python has all the tools in the box. Strong typing, duck typing, objects, functions, very extensive standard library, JIT in general, JIT for math stuff, C extensions, ..., everything. It just doesn't get in your way to do whatever you need to be done using the paradigms that you want to use. And as a bonus it has some very nice constructs like iterators, list comprehensions or context managers that make your life really easier and that don't really exist in other mainstream languages.


I assume you meant JDeveloper with unbearable editor? Urgh, the thought already kills me a little bit inside...
And Oracle ADF. God save me


Your points are valid, however let my suggest you that Java support for VSCode is very good; and if your problem is just with JDeveloper, there are many others to choose from: Eclipse and Idea just to cover the greater part of the market. Also, Android can't completely be called "Java" because technically it isn't, but your point is valid. You seem to have seen lots of what is considered bad Java code.


Sorry I meant Oracle as editor of the Java itself.

And I must admit that I never saw any good-looking Java code. Though just switching to Kotlin for Android and using the exact same APIs already feels much better.

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