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Top Benefits to Choose React Native for Mobile App Development

benefits of react native for app development

Want to chalk out your way in the growing mobile app market? In the current digital era we are living in, these solutions have the power to help entrepreneurial ventures earn profits of over $542.80 billion. Therefore, it is a good idea to channel the use of these solutions to your business’s advantage if not done yet. This however demands you make use of the right set of tech stacks so that the solution works seamlessly and allows easy integration with the respective OS.

There are a diverse array of tech stacks that can make this task streamlined for you. One that however stands out is React Native. Why you may ask? I will give you an idea of the same in the article below. After you complete reading this comprehensive blog, you will know why using this technology will accelerate the pace of mobile app development.

Excited? Yes? Let us begin.

React Native - What’s the Buzz All About?

Created with the mantra – Learn once, write anywhere, React Native is an open-source JavaScript framework whose design is mainly for assisting in the task of building apps across different OS like iOS, Android, etc., to name a few. This is through the utilization of the same code base, thereby saving time for the development experts on writing repetitive codes when they enter into the task of developing apps across these respective OS.

Knowing now the basics of this tech stack, you may have gotten an idea of the reason why it is so popular after all among developers.

Look at the graph below to gain an idea of the popularity that React Native has achieved in recent years.

react native for app development
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In the graph above, you can see that React Native has achieved a lot of popularity in current years with developers specialized in this field having a lot of scope indeed in terms of having a flourishing career ahead of them.

Therefore, if you are still in doubt if using React Native for mobile app development is a good idea or not, read the lines below. It will help you get an idea of the same with utmost clarity and make your mobile app development journey a certainly immersive one.

So let us get started.

Benefits of React Native for Mobile Application Development

Single Codebase

React Native makes use of ReactJS with the native UI library and native APIs so that it becomes easy to write the base code of an app that can easily run on the Android and the iOS platforms. Hence, the end-performance of these solutions remains uniform.

Therefore, it becomes easy for developers to re-use the state management, component, and ReactJS hooks so that a mobile app with different native functionalities becomes easy to create in a reasonably short time with very less amount of finances getting consumed for this task.

Provides Cross Platform App Development Support

What is the biggest worry for a developer when they enter into the task of mobile app development? It is to maintain Android and iOS apps. This is due to a simple reason, the apps get written in different languages, and the development uses different frameworks.

With React Native, it is easy to achieve a consistent user experience for the app you develop across these two platforms. It simply demands you know areas such as native UI libraries, APIs, and hybrid app development.

Saves Costs Considerably

With React Native app development services, you can be sure the overall journey will get accelerated. However, another benefit associated with the use of this tech stack is that finances get saved to the maximum for you.

This is because, as a startup, you must try to get maximum ROI from the finances you spend. Therefore, if you use the tech stack, you can be sure you will get the desired assistance to keep your budget within the check.

Delivers Native Look and Feel

Due to the tech stack components mapping, one on one with the native development components, the combination with the building blocks from the native user interface with the JavaScript offers the app an altogether native appearance. Therefore, the look and feel of the end solution remain uniform throughout the two platforms – iOS and Android, respectively.

Assures Immense Community Support

React Native development was a response to address the different developer community needs. Therefore, it follows a community-driven approach possessing over 50,000 active contributors.

Hence, in a situation wherein during the mobile app development journey, if the developers come across any hurdles or roadblocks, they can be sure to receive quick support and get their app built in a streamlined way.

Alongside other reasons, others that are responsible for developers recommending the use of React Native when they set out on the journey of developing apps are as follows:

  • Enhances app functionality and performance due to the presence of a diverse array of third-party plugins in the tech stack.
  • Assists the development of a stable and reliable app due to using a simplified binding strategy in its codebase.
  • App loading is seamless to perform using the tech stack due to the hot and live reloading functionality being at the core of it. Therefore, it becomes easy for the development experts to work with the different code changes in real-time.

Several apps have seen their popularity skyrocketing after using this tech stack. Want to know about them? Check them out in the lines below.

10 Popular Apps Built with React Native

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Walmart
  4. Bloomberg
  5. SoundCloud Pulse
  6. Skype
  7. UberEats
  8. Wix
  9. Airbnb
  10. Pinterest

You may be wondering now why these popular businesses are using React Native for their mobile app’s success.

This is due to one simple reason- the lightning-fast speed that the app works at with the assistance of this tech stack. Hence, it becomes easy for users to navigate different app screens without facing any roadblocks.

Wrapping Up

Want to save on time and finances when you embark on the mobile app development journey? Connect with a React Native app development company then. With their expertise in employing agile methodologies while using the tech stack, they will ascertain you get more user engagement on the app created. Also, you can be sure to save on time and costs both when you use the tech stack to get a feature-rich cross-platform app with an impeccable UI design.

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