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Top 3 best screen recorder for low end devices

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Here,is the list
of best screen
Recorder for low

App name: screen recorder
App size:3.1mb
Developer:vidma video studio


■ Free screen recorder
Free access to all features, such as video resolution, frame rate, and video quality. Video recorder with no subscription.

■ Screen recorder with audio
Vidma Screen Recorder is well-built for gamers, vloggers, and storytellers, and as much as for businesses, where communicating through video is as common as email. Vidma captures screen videos in cristal clear sound!

■ Video recorder without watermarks
Bother by the watermarks in videos? Vidma Screen Recorder helps you create watermark-free screen recordings!

■ Screen recorder with facecam
Vidma Video Recorder records your phone screen and camera simultaneously. Let's create funny reaction videos!

■ Screen recorder without lag
Vidma Video Recorder runs smoothly with no lag. Easy to pause or stop screen recording on your device with lesser memory usage.

■ Privacy First
Screen Recorder - Vidma believes in privacy and security. Hence, videos and screenshots are stored locally on your devices. No one has access to them except you the whole time.

■ Share your work!
Resize videos and export videos in high quality. Share awesome videos directly from Vidma to any social media! You can also upload HD videos to your PC for further editing.
Other features
-Enable the record button to control screen recording

  • Adjust the volume from system and microphone separately on Settings
  • Make the record button invisible during screen recording
  • Using gestures to stop screen recording
  • Stop video recording by turning off the screen
  • Show screen touches in screen recording
  • Capture screenshots instantly

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App name: screencam recorder
App SIZE :1.9mb
App downloads:1m+
App developer:orpheusdroid APPS
ScreenCam does not need any root access to record your screen and works on all phones with Android Lollipop 5.0 and above.
You can also record audio along with the screen recording and get it beautifully combined with recorded video.

Choose from different resolutions, frames per second and bitrate for the best choice of quality and size of the video or make use of the app shortcut

You can also pause or resume the recording seamlessly (currently only works on Android Nougat 7.0 and above) and an option to change the save directory.


• No ads (duh! who likes them anyway?)
• Works without root
• Works on Lollipop 5.0 and above
• Choose between different bitrates/resolution/FPS
• Record audio from mic
• Custom storage folder
• Floating Controls!
• Clean and light UI
• Ability to pause and resume recording from notification actions or floating controls (pause/resume works only on 7.0+ currently)
• In-app video trimmer
• Internal Audio recording (requires root and magisk module)
• Camera overlay for recording
• SystemUI demo mode (requires root)
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App name:easy screen recorder

Record screen easily and beautifully. Stop recording with shaking phone.

Start screen recording and capture a screenshot with touch button on screen.
Stop recording with Notification tap or Power button push or Phone shaking.
Video and picture that you have taken can be browsed in external gallery apps.


  • No ads
  • Easy to use
  • Less size
  • RECORD internal audio
  • Floating toolbox
  • Stabilized screen recording

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