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I love function name / variable name like a comment,

It can easily to read like a flowchart,
And comments

public static Coffee CreateCoffee(
CoffeeTypeEnum coffeeType)
    var coffee = new Coffee();
    var shouldAddMilk = IsNeedMilk(coffeeType);

    if (shouldAddMilk)


    return coffee;

But if you have any technical issue / temporary fix / some business walk around
It should be write a command, create some tickets and fix it

private bool IsNeedMilk(CoffeeTypeEnum coffeeType)
    // FIXME #123 MilkFoam shouldn't is a type of Coffee
    if (coffeeType == CoffeeTypeEnum.MilkFoam)
        return true;

    var result = MilkCoffeeTypes.Contains(coffeeType);
    return result;
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