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Software-Driven Organizations

Hello Dev Community!

Thanks for all the constructive lessons and discussions about various aspects of systems and project frameworks!

In this post, I'd like to explore some things about working within an organization that might not be so apparent to those who apply from the outside.

Years ago, the common belief was that organisations 🏢 accepted only personnel with prestigious educational records ,or those with extensive experience as managers. Once in, they would obtain as much ,by way of perks, as they requested for. They had the most influence in the company.🏯

Software Sector

But software-driven companies ARE different. Developers build them, ☁️ clouds ☁️ support them, and people from several countries depend on their APIs and other open-source libraries.

Cloud meets ICT workspace

To be part of one, you simply draw upon training and commitment in software as you would do in any other discipline. Most of these companies encourage open dialogue🗣 and brainstorming 🙇‍♀️ over the direction they should be headed, and the best ideas usually get greenlit. 💚

Work Concerns

Ever since the outbreak of nCOV-19, there have been more discussions about the value of remote workgroups and digital conferencing.
Sadly, there has also been an upsurge in 🚓🌡cybersecurity alerts,despite best practices
of access management and encryption (

I encourage every prospective developer to take a few minutes of free time to ask themselves some of these delicate questions:

These questions🧭 can reveal the kind of organization one would prefer to apply to, or even to startup sometime in the future.

It's better to know something about where you stand - so whether you work remotely or in person, you have your perspective on appropriate practices / user safeguards.

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