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James Sinkala
James Sinkala

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My Daily Reads - Tailored dev content delivered to your inbox.

Overview of My Submission

I've enjoyed using Dev over the years and have learnt quite a lot here through the many invaluable submissions made by this wonderful community.

Over the last couple of months going through Dev to look for content that might interest me has felt like a toiling task with lots of content to choose from, titles of all kinds, with a limited time budget due to some other responsibilities of mine and at times I felt overloaded just going through the titles not knowing what to read that might be of value.

I thought that since this has been my experience there might have been some others that might have felt the same and this hackathon just felt like the right opportunity to automate this daily task while also giving me a first time experience to participate in a hackathon.

My Daily Reads is a tool that compiles latest articles from developer content sites (currently only Dev, Hashnode content to be added) and delivers 5 titles in your inbox tailored to you.
Users provide their name, email and two keywords (e.g javascript, rust) on the My Daily Reads website and afterwards they'll start receiving 5 dev content tailored to the provided keywords.

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Automation Innovation

Link to Code

GitHub logo xinnks / my-daily-reads

Tailored dev content delivered to your inbox daily.

Live URL - My Daily Reads

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