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I built a Chrome Extension to turn any link into a stylish visual web bookmark

Hello everyone, I'm xiaoluoboding, a remote developer living in Dali, China.

This topic focuses on sharing a Chrome Extension Web Visual Bookmark, which is the predecessor of

Web Visual Bookmark

This plugin mainly addresses its own needs, converting a link into a card like Twitter Card or Notion Web Bookmark.

The generated image is suitable for developers, creators, and public writers, it can beautify your links and make your links "talk"

The following image was generated by Web Visual Bookmark with the following link

Web Visual Bookmark

The plugin provides several features.

  • Clicking on the plugin Icon will convert the current Tab page link into a visual Web Bookmark card
  • Twitter Card-like layout
  • Notion Web bookmark-like layout
  • Beautify gradient backgrounds (gradient backgrounds in the plugin are random)
  • QR Code Reveal
  • One-click image copy (@2x)
  • Dark mode

If you want to customize the card, the plugin provides a configuration button, click to jump to to configure

Jump to and you can additionally configure the card

  • Beautify the gradient background
  • Turn on frosting effect
  • Card rounding settings
  • Download images

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The tools mentioned above are all open source on GitHub, so if you have any requests, you can ask for them in the repository as an issue


If has helped you, please don't hesitate to vote for it on ProductHunt, share it with your friends, or ☕️ buy me a cup of coffee.

About Me


  • Remote worker living in Dali, China, focused on front-end, often active in the open source community
  • You can find me on GitHub:
  • Interested students can also follow my public number: I usually share some front-end technology stack, and front-end technology solutions, and occasionally share my life in Dali.
  • Or follow me on Twitter: I'm a daily tweeter of great tools to improve front-end development performance and productivity.

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