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Extern OS: the Linux you wish you had


One of the beautiful aspect of the Linux world is the availability of a variety of Linux distributions (ditros) to choose from. Ranging from the ones that powers space hardware (like rockets and the ISS) to the ones that can power your refrigerator; Linux has it all.

Popular ones you would likely hear about include but not limited to ubuntu, fedora, mint, Debian, elementary, and arch.

The development of the Linux desktop has come along way from a simple command line interface to well polished desktop environments with elegant user interfaces (UI) and aesthetic designs to match – while still remaining very powerful as usual. Just as there are a lot of ditros to choose from, so is the number of desktop environment. With very flexible configurations to customize the OS to your taste.


A relatively new arrival on the bock is a lightweight Linux distro with mouth-watery UI that would almost make you scream out of your chair. It has been posited by some bloggers as a windows 10 contender when it comes to UI.

Welcome extern OS

Extern is being built by Anesu Chiodze; a computer science/Engineering student of the RMIT Uiveserty in Australia.

Extern is powered by JavaScript through the Node.JS framework. And there’s complete support of node.js APIs and all third party modules that are essential for modern application development. According to extern’s website it comes with defaults apps like music player, web browser and the likes. and it also comes with video and audio playback dedicated software (this means that it can play videos and music out of the box).

For now, extern requires a constant internet connection to use it. This is a kinda of drawbacks for climes with very expensive internet subscription or little internet penetration. Anyway future versions will definitely follow normal Linux development routes, where it can work natively offline.

Minimum system requirement:

Intel Celeron 64-bit 1.2GHz or better.

4GB of RAM

VGA 1366×768 screen resolution.

Though it’s still in early stage of development (beta), it holds a lot of potential for the future. And one phrase that I could use to describe it is: different and inspiring!

Happy Linux’NG!

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Discussion (5)

avalander profile image

So why is it the Linux I wish I had? How does it compare to other mainstream distros? Is it based on any other distro, by the way?

If the two main selling points are that some nameless bloggers think its UI is a contender to Windows 10* and that it is powered by Javascript**, it is definitely far from the Linux I wish I had.

* I switched from Windows ages ago, one of the reasons being that I found Linux desktops to be better suited to my preferences than Windows, so shrug.

** Whatever that means. Looking through their website it seems that they use NW.js as a desktop app framework, which is the least scary option of all that crossed my mind, but still a bit meh as a selling point.

xeroxism profile image
Alexander Omorokunwa Author • Edited

Thanks for your response.

ExternOS is light and very fast.

But it's far from perfect, basically a work in progress.

At this stage of development it's splendid and with a lot of promise. But that doesn't mean that it will still be suitable for everyone who uses Linux; many people use Linux for a "million" reasons.

There's need for Linux to conquer the desktop; and I think extern is right on track in that direction.

Thank you once again, have a splendid day. ☺

avalander profile image

Don't get me wrong, I skimmed through their website and it looks promising, definitely something to keep on the radar. I just expected some more detail and depth from this article.

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Виктор Лазаров

My review : One of the most horrible linux distro.
Because, it's incomplete.
I removed windows and installed this crap for a change of pace and faced major consequences. I couldn't customize the network setting. It said it'll be available in beta v2.2, didn't updated my os to 2.2.2. And now it says it'll be available in 2.3. Lazy devs. I'm still stuck with the OS. I don't have any other laptop or desktop nor i can visit my friend's place due to this kung flu.. Can't even make bootable usb using this OS to change back to windows or elementary os.. Even the copy paste doesn't work properly in file manager. There's a bug in every corner of the os. This os made me realize that from now on i should try an OS on virtual box before installing it. The looks sure is very pretty and is amazing as well but the operation is very limited and it's very incomplete. It's horrible when it's incomplete. Can't configure WiFi or Bluetooth either. I had to use usb tethering to install power iso to burn new os into the usb. It doesn't support many ubuntu terminal function, idk why. There's no app in the store. You can't even get apps via ppa. It's totally limited to do nothing. I'll recommend, not to use until version 20 or 50 arrives. It's so incomplete and it becomes more annoying every minute.

xeroxism profile image
Alexander Omorokunwa Author

Baby steps bro...