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MERN Stack Chat App #1

Hello, everyone! I will be sharing this journey of coding a MERN Stack Chat App. I will be sharing code snippets, as well as, screenshots of the frontend (not finalized).
P.S. I won't be going in-depth with everything I do.


The main language I will be using is JavaScript.
Frameworks: React(Vite), TailwindCSS, Node, Express, and MongoDB

Color Palette Generator:


  1. Created a repository and cloned it to my local desktop.
  2. Created a Client folder by creating a vite app and naming it client.
  3. Created a Server folder separate from the Client folder for the backend. File Structure File Structure Make sure to keep your files organized!
  4. Installed the following dependencies in the client-side. Client Side Dependencies
  5. Installed the following dependencies to server side. Server Side Dependencies

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