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Underrated Articles on from Last Week

Hello! I'm back with another installment of underrated articles from last week!

Let's check them out 🔥 -

1. VS Code Extensions

VS Code is popular because we can add additional features by adding extensions. In this article, Sparsh mentions 10 extensions on VS Code that will immediately help you in your development journey 💯.

2. List of Resources

Lary recommended some YouTube channels that will guide you through each step of the web development journey. Beginners must check this article out 💛.

3. The secret to skyrocket your Career

In this post, Arctype team demonstrates that while working as a team, developers should cultivate a mindset that includes a business perspective, and think like a PM.
He further noted things they learned moving from software engineering to product management.

4. Software Job in 6 Months

A simple roadmap for becoming a web application developer is penned down by Phillip in this article. Resources are also shared at each step.

5. Create Registration App With Animation Using the MERN Stack

Yogesh wrote the process of building an amazing Multi Step Registration form with smooth animated transitions using MERN(MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js) stack.

That's all folks! These were our personal favorite underrated posts from last week, and we hope you liked them. Tell us about your favorite posts that went underrated in the comments below! ❤️

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