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Underrated Articles on from Last Week

Hello! I'm back with another installment of underrated articles from last week!

Let's check them out 🔥 -

1. Overview of Functional Programming

Functional programming is a programming paradigm, a way of thinking, that consists of building software by composing functions. Carlos explains the basics of functional programming in a simple way.

2. CSS Resources

Lanre shared the curated list of amazing CSS resources.

3. SEO for Developers

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving site content to rank higher in search results. Stephanie writes about efficient methods in her detailed article on SEO.

4. Advice for Beginners

Fahad writes his observations in this blog post which is to help others who are new to programming.

5. Better Understanding of Tree Data Structure

A tree data structure is a structure where each node is connected to a previous or parent node in a hierarchical order. In this blog by Anjan, you will learn about the tree data structure.

That's all for this week! These were our personal favorite underrated posts from last week, and we hope you liked them. Tell us about your favorite posts that went underrated in the comments below! ❤️

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🐤🥇 Jasper de Jager • Edited on

Good posts!

Not something I usually do (promoting a post of my own) but I really think this post will help a lot of people starting with RxJS so please forgive me 😉