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Passing Values to Functions with Arguments

I'm a self-taught coder trying to improve the world with his ideas. I want to learn how to make a Dapp and how to contribute to open source projects in Github
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Day 1/100 of 100 days of code
I'm currently on 48/111 Basic JavaScript of JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Cert at

Parameters was the highlight for todays lesson. I was stuck with this for a bit. I realize I didn't know enough about the true potential of what a Function can do with it's parameters. I watched a Youtube video that went into more depth on this, since I didn't understand how you can add more information into the Function. The video explain that you can call the Function again with different arguments and the parameters would take on the value of the new arguments.

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I told the Function to add parameter a with b in the console.log(). Then when I called the Function I just put the arguments that I wanted 4, 6, and BAM! Once the Function added the arguments together the answer comes out as 10!

Hope you enjoyed my discovery today! Follow me!

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