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Tasker 5.9 brings Logcat events, Media Button detection, customizable Assistant, and much more

ddrager profile image Dave Drager Originally published at on ・2 min read

When it comes to automation apps, there’s no other app on the Android marketplace that can beat the functionality offered by Tasker. Even though the app doesn’t have a beginner-friendly UI, Tasker is the go-to choice for many power users due to the sheer number of plugins it offers. On top of that, the app keeps getting new features ever so often and with the help of the community, you can just about automate any type of task you want. Tasker is also a great choice if you find yourself limited by Android APIs, as it offers a bunch of handy features that can circumvent such restrictions. For instance, a beta update for the app from early last month introduced a new feature called Logcat detection, which opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. Now, with the latest update, the feature is making its way to the stable release.

Tasker v5.9 is now rolling out to users and it brings the new Logcat Entry event that will let you automate tasks based on any Logcat on your device. With the Logcat Entry event, you’ll be able to do things like trigger different actions for each fingerprint when you unlock your device, trigger an event when you snooze your alarm, react to the Back button being held for 1 second in any app, and much more. Here’s a video demonstrating the aforementioned fingerprint unlock actions:

Along with the Logcat Entry event, the latest Tasker update also brings AutoApps Integration. Thanks to this, the app now supports AutoShortcut and AutoAlarm natively, allowing you to call other app’s launcher shortcuts or get the time of the next alarm. These features will help you do stuff like gradually increasing the brightness of your screen 5 minutes prior to the alarm going off. Here’s a demonstration of this new feature in action:

The new Logcat Entry and AutoApps Integration aren’t the only new features in Tasker v5.9. The update also includes more cool features like a media button trigger, faster and more precise location, customizable assistant, and more. You can read the full changelog by following this link.

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