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What You can do with python (Quick 2021 guide)


Everyone after learning basics asks what should I do now and gets confused and sometimes unmotivated so i decided to give some help

Solve problems and Quizzes

I love this one so much because it's very helpful and i recommend it for every beginner. There is a lot of Websites who gives you problems and quizzes to practice with. and here's a list.

  1. Hackerrank
  2. LeetCode
  3. CodeChef
  4. Interviewbit
  5. W3schools

Learn more

After getting familiar with Python. You should go deeper into learning and more specified. here's a list of what you can learn

  1. AI and Machine learning
  2. Data visualization, and analysis
  3. Web Development
  4. Game development
  5. Cyber security check Network scanner
  6. Mobile apps development
  7. Data science


The best way to practices what you've learned is by building projects but what kind of projects you can build?

  1. Create a bot
  2. Scrape data from websites -- Scrape movies from imdb
  3. Build a website with web development frameworks
  4. Build an Android app
  5. build a game
  6. Script to automate something Automate files organizing

The end.
I would be happy to read your feedback about my programming blog :

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