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It's been a year. Time to make an app

Last post was around May 2022 right when I started working where I am now: a small IT company focusing on implementing anything other small companies need.
I've had some practice with installing and configuring networks, providing remote and physical tech support with various things like servers, SQL databases, VPNs, Office365 and email, etc.

I also had the chance to program several code libraries in both C# and VBA to provide extended functionality to the Primavera ERP.
Unfortunately, as the sole programmer, I haven't had much chances to implement methodologies and have a senior guide me.

So now, after finishing the fantastic CS50 course from Harvard, I've decided to start a web app to learn about and practice the fundamentals that will serve as a basis to future career endeavours.

The app, a "simple" calisthenics workout tracker will be built with ASP.NET and I want to implement a database to support it.
I'll be using GPT to guide me through the steps since I have basically no knowledge of web development and proper project planning and implementation.

And that's it for now... I'll use DEV to log my progress. Even if no one reads it, it'll help me organize my ideas :)

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Anthony Fung

Sounds like a fun project and great learning opportunity. Good Luck!

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Bryan King Pecho

Your experience with various IT tasks and programming libraries will undoubtedly come in handy as you embark on this new journey. Happy coding! 🙌