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Facing daunting tasks..

Haven't posted in a while but for a good reason since I finally got a proper job in IT. Small company that, like most of its kind around here, specializes in some sort of ERP software but will do mostly anything your business needs; that includes POS setup for hotels and such, as well as setting up the infrastructure like physical servers and networks, Office 365 and all its components, etc.

The main ERP we work with is called Primavera. Very modular and it can handle HR, everything related to sales/purchases/stocks, aftersales support. Comparable to Sage or SAP I reckon.

We are now helping some customers upgrade from v9 to v10, which is usually not a problem except some of them have custom built classes and functions that work inside the ERP itself.
Here's the catch: v9 uses VBA in all it's glory, with the editor inside the ERP itself and where the code runs as Macros (much like Excel), and v10 was fully converted to C# and you write .dll's that you then upload and use inside the program.
As a novice programmer, I'm slowly grasping the intricate web of code that makes up what's available for me to tinker but it sure is a challenge. For some ungodly reason the documentation is crap or non-existent and I'm drowning in complex code.

The question to you more experienced with this kind of stuff is:
How do you delve into something as complex as a 20yo program with minimal guidelines on what to look for? Do you have a good method or tools to help with this? Any words of encouragement? :)

Thanks fellas

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