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Alright, here we go!

After studying Networking and Sys Admin stuff back at school about 8 years ago (damn I'm getting old), I worked in the field for a couple years. But you know, life has it's ways of messing with you so I ended up doing something completely unrelated.
But I never lost the enthusiasm for tech and now I can finally get back in the business.. thing is, I don't know all that much practical stuff.
So here's the plan, I want to be in a Cloud or Sys Admin related job in a year's time. I'm a very "jack of some trades, master of none" guy, mostly because I've studied on my own but haven't put into daily practice at a job, so it'll definitely be a challenge but I have a good idea of where to start.

As we all know, clouds are made of Linux servers and the sky is the limit, so I'm starting there; I'll sprinkle in some Python as well (and some Bash oc) since I believe anyone in tech needs to know the basics of programming. Being able to automate simple things is a very powerful tool.

The way I'm getting familiar with Linux is mostly through Hack The Box and Over The Wire stuff which is incredibly fun, but probably lacking in the Admin side of things, so I have to find some other study materials. The objective is to get something like the LPI Linux Essentials or Linux+.
I also have a small MikroTik router that I love messing around with, setting up and resetting it into different configurations and I plan on using it in conjunction with a Linux machine setup as a NAS later on.

For Python, I'm going through the great Edube Interactive free Python course so I can then get the PCEP-30-01 Exam (entry-level). Programming isn't my main focus here so that exam will be enough for now.

I think will be an amazing platform for me to document my voyage and eventually look back on it with pride :)

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