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All self-taught devs are amateurs until someone pays them to have fun then they are serious professionals, having fun!

If you haven't discovered codereview.stackexchage.com its a great way to get some feed back and advice. If you haven't yet put you code up on a public git service that might seem scary but there isn't anything more liberating that liberating you code and having folks log bugs and fixes.


Any plans for mobile-friendly? Just tried it but couldn't do anything on a mobile.


Definitely have plans for this. It will be the next major update. Hopefully sometime this weekend.


The first (admittedly janky) iteration of this, is up! Check it out. Let me know that you think.


Great game. Is there any way to get higher fps on the browser?


How many frames are you getting?

I'm certain there is, especially on lower performing hardware. However, my understanding is that the animation loops are rate locked to the monitor's refresh rate. Which may be a limiting factor. In the beginning when the game logic (ship positions and such) was client side this presented an interesting issue.


My friend has two monitors, on the secondary monitor (60hz) the game speeds were the same as mine and everything worked predictably. But when he moved the browser to his primary monitor (120hz) his ship was on steroids and moved too quickly to even play.


Well everyone, I had a few set-backs over the weekend and I wasn't able to work on the game. I will get mobile controls implemented ASAP. Thanks for reading. I appreciate your time.