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Probably mentioned a thousand times on here. Rather than search and read what others have posted I am just going to skip to writing about why music is fuel for me.

In the late nights while bobbing my head up and down listening to UGK and I find the code starts to match the rhythm. Before I know it the prose is mixed in a deeper meaning.

Just function.
Do the the thing.
Little fingers keep on typing.

Zap Pow comes in and lights up the room and suddenly that new screen is no longer another thing to do but a groovey new piece of awesomeness sliding it's way into your product.

While you pause and reflect the smooth sounds of Nikolai Rimsky fill the room and the button works. The function is performed and the action taken.


Celebrate the good times with sounds of Micheal Jackson. Moonwalk your way away from the computer and into a effortless sleep as today your fingers danced along the keyboard to produce a small piece of magic.

Keep on jammin'

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