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wuz profile image Conlin Durbin ・1 min read

Hey cool kids! I was cooking dinner tonight and was thinking about dev.to. There are lots of cool people on here so I wanted to ask:
What is your favorite recipe?

I'll compile these and post them on a new site, so make them good!


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My favorite recipes are:

Chicken Tikka Massala - Each time with some different spices (mostly because I don't want to look up the recipe each time :-) ), SautΓ© mode to give the chicken some color and then slow cooker mode for a few hours with tomato sauce.

Jambalaya - Perfect for emptying my fridge. I just throw (almsost) every ingredient left into the pot, add some beef broth and tomato sauce, then put it into slow cooker mode for a few hours and add some rice 30 minutes before serving.

( I really love my instantpot <3 )

Wraps - Buy some premade in the store, add salad, some tuna or chicken and a sauce (often bought). Easy to make and a bit healthier than my standard "quick food" (instant noodles or canned soup).

Onigiri - Short Grain / Sushi Rice balls, I really love filling them with a tuna/mayo/siracha paste. Normally, I eat some ochazuke while waiting for the rice to cool down enough to handle it.

Chicken Terriyaki - Either with some salad or as part of a wrap.


That looks delicious! I gotta try this :D


Yay! you should try it let me know how that goes :)


The past few times that we've done a potluck at work, I've brought Cheesy bacon Ranch Tater Tots and they go over pretty well. πŸ‘©β€πŸ³πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³