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Handle Static Webflow Forms

wssn profile image Oğuzcan Köse ・1 min read

Webflow is a web-based drag and drop tool for building responsive websites. There are hundreds of professionally-designed templates. You can customize your selected template so that it’s perfect for your brand and goals. Webflow recently stopped supporting form handling for exported sites.
You can easily handle your forms, receive files, integrate with over 1000 apps (Slack, Google Spreadsheet, E-mail, Google Docs and more) via Getform.

Set up your Webflow form with 3 easy steps:
1- Create your first form in Getform and get your form endpoint url.

2- Choose form element in Webflow and select its settings. Paste your Getform endpoint into Action input and set your method as POST. 3- Publish your website and send your first submission. Voilà

Getform features:
File upload support,
CSV Export,
E-mail notification,
Webhook support,
AJAX support

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