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Fleetbase - an Open Source Alternative to FlexPort x OnFleet x JungleWorks x HyperTrack

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Fleetbase is an open-source platform designed for the efficient management and orchestration of logistics and supply chain operations. It serves as both a powerful operational tool for businesses and a flexible foundation for developers. The platform's core is built around a collection of "extensions," which create a customizable framework capable of meeting a wide range of supply chain and logistics requirements.

Each extension in Fleetbase is purposefully engineered to fulfil specific roles within the supply chain and logistics ecosystem. Users have the freedom to create their own extensions, expanding the Fleetbase ecosystem capabilities for various use cases. This extensible nature keeps Fleetbase at the forefront of addressing diverse logistical and supply chain needs now and in the future.

The entire platform and ecosystem of extensions and apps are open source and available on Github. Current extensions provide use cases for:

  • Developers building in the supply chain and logistics space with API, Webhooks, Sockets and developer friendly Extension.

  • Fleet management and last mile operations solution via the FleetOps extension.

  • FleetOps can also be used to enable real time tracking using the open source Navigator app.

  • On-demand e-commerce using the Storefront extension which can enable marketplace or store behind a headless API, along with an open source mobile app Storefront app.

See more use cases on the README

If you're a builder in the supply chain and logistics space be sure to watch/star the repo on Github to follow our project as it continues to develop.

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