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Discord Community Hack Week 2019

Just a student who likes to spent his spare time with coding. Mostly nodejs.
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I really wanted to participate in the discord community hack week. Due to, well school I could only work on it at nights but it was worth it. My initial plan was to make a discord game bot. A game that has never been made in discord yet. A game I liked to play when I was younger was battleships so... I thought why not give that a shot? It was an.. interesting process :)

I started out with setting up the basic bot. Getting it up and running, answering to commands and drawing on a canvas and sending the picture. At this point I just started at the start of the game making progress. So first a way to start the game, a way to select where your ships would be, general text channel where you could take your turn to drop a bomb. Now I know I better could have started just planning everything and not give in to the excitement of just getting to the coding😅

At the end the bot functions 90% correctly. There are a few tweaks that should make it better but I'd rather make a version 2 from start. And this time start with making a good plan ;) Also the code is a giant mess, again with good planning I think I can do a lot better. Although it isn't perfect I really enjoyed working on this project and the excitement of participating in something.

You can get the bot running (I hope) for yourself if you want to check it out.
Github repo:

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