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Project "Roast me".

Hi guys, today I want to introduce you my non-commercial open-source pet project. I can't say that everything turned out exactly as I wanted. It is slow for now, it does not have fully implemented all features that I want. But I want to move to this goal.


Also I'm looking for a new job. I'm a Ruby on Rails + TypeScript programmer. If you know good places where I can apply let me know please. I am currently at Kyrgyzstan now.

What is the project about?

It's about getting something new, something interesting, something you could missed due to the hard work that should help you or your company to win the race in IT era.

Why I'm developing it?

After my previous failure to create a commercial project I decided to create another one. And I found that there are too many topics to consider when creating something new. And I tried to formalize list of things that araise against each indie developer, let's go:

List of problems arising against of creator

  1. A list of places where people collect lists of "startup ideas". Often it looks like bullshit, usually with superficial approach to the problem. Usually maintained by one person. And usually without any conversations. But they have a right to exist. And there are diamonds among the dirt.

  2. There are places where people share their thoughts about the perfect tools or the pain of using them.

  3. The vast majority of sites, as you might have guessed, are similar to startup pitch sites. Where developers share their projects, trying to watch the reaction of the public, trying to get feedback or evolve new ideas.

  4. OK, maybe now you have a startup idea. The next problem is to find commercial projects, alternatives etc... and it is huge problem too. You can devote some time searching for alternatives and get upset when after N days/months you still find out about their existence. Or you can "never" climb out of searching analogues.

  5. Finally you decided to develop your application and then you have next steps in this quest. I think no one doubts that last years the area of AI made giant steps toward future software. And so therefore there is another item of the list - is to check AI solutions to the solving problem.

Next depending of your qualification as a software developer or not you may choose different steps. For example if you are a Developer or not:

As a Developer

  1. You wanna check SaaS solutions for implementation of your idea, it could be Authentication tasks or Hosting platforms, or Image processing services, etc...

  2. You also wanna check open source solutions, libraries and software.

  3. You wanna check current trends in software development, may be there are new techniques of making old things with new instruments.

As a not developer

  1. You wanna find places where you could find software activists, or trying to implement you idea yourself with no-code or low-code solutions

All these steps require remarkable amount of time.

How does the project tries to solve the problem?

Nothing more than just simple tagging of pages. At this stage it works like You most likely know about you area of interests from Internet or based on your experience. For example you interested in no-code databases and want to find more about them and you know there is at least one product Airtable

Image description

You visit the Airtable entity page.

Image description

And from that point you may view pages where this product was mentioned and which other products were also mentioned.

Image description

Seems not too relevant yet. But if you select at least one analogue, then you hint which direction you are interested

Image description


As I told yealier it is not related only to software.

Interested in Ruby?

Image description

Natural Language Processing?

Image description

Technical Youtube channels?

Image description

Searching remote IT jobs?

Image description

Interested in web scrapping?

Image description

Preparing to the interviews?

Image description

Architecture patterns?

Image description

Yep, I know about:

But the main difference that you will be able to subscribe to interested entities and discover something related new when they will be mentioned with unknown to you entities.

And much much more soon. Interested? Support me with word in comments or deed.

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