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Thoughts Per Line

Just rambling and poking for other minds to explore.

This is coming from somebody just learning, really don't know much at all.

As each line is generated, how many thoughts do you process?

Do you simply keep typing, add a comment, make an actual log of these questions?

Do you instantly search up methods for the best way to have it performed or possibly list each different way it can be performed and do your own analytics?

Do not consider time based or job related tasks, even though it could apply. Just your own personal learning.

What is the best way(s) to see which is best?

I ask because of while learning, there is exploration. In programming, I'm curious of...

Is there really a best way for most things that is "known"?

Is it good to "think too much", when the point of it is seeing it as an art, which one way could be used so many other ways and possibly provide better results?

It is all for the point of optimization, expandibility, etc.

To have the least do the most, right?

Having heard the term numerous times, "don't think, just code" is something, well. I've heard it enough to have it stuck in my head, but don't agree with it.

Shouldn't programmers be innovators, thinkers, creaters? I'm unsure, but a lot of the times speaking to (Not to people here..) "developers" I was really let down with their way of thinking and "curiousity" of how things work. It made no sense to me, and this was the majority of them as well and not only developers, but people of "tech nature".

(Again, nobody here. Just frequent run ins to random places I checked out trying to solve things.)

So let that be something to be added to the (oh so many but not listed) questions if you want. Opinions and thoughts on that?

Not sure what this is meant for exactly, just the rambling way. Curious of how others are thinking and enjoy reading views on things such as this.

Is programming still an unexplored world (just like bug hunting) where the well known functions can work in ways for the better?

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