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Test splitting to speed up your CI/CD

At Woovi, we care a lot about speed.
As a startup, we need a fast feedback loop to learn and ship faster.
We also care a lot about safety and quality, so we have more than 6 thousands automated tests to make sure we won't break anything.

Making our tests running faster in our CI/CD

We use CircleCI, as our CI/CD tool.
CircleCI enable us to split our tests in many containers, making our tests N containers times faster.

Paralell Jobs

We created a reusable command:

    description: 'test a specific package'
        type: string
      - run:
          name: 'Run tests << parameters.pkg >>'
          command: |
            TESTFILES=$(circleci tests glob "./packages/<< parameters.pkg >>/src/**/__tests__/*.spec.ts" | circleci tests split --split-by=timings)
            JEST_JUNIT_OUTPUT_DIR="./test-results" node --expose-gc ./node_modules/.bin/jest --logHeapUsage --passWithNoTests --maxWorkers=7 --coverage --forceExit --ci --silent ${TESTFILES}
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Let me explain what each part does

circleci tests glob "./packages/<< parameters.pkg >>/src/**/__tests__/*.spec.ts"
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Find all files that match this glob pattern, all test files inside tests directory that ends in .spec.ts

circleci tests split --split-by=timings
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Split tests based on their timings, so each container run the same amount of time.

node --expose-gc ./node_modules/.bin/jest --logHeapUsage --passWithNoTests --maxWorkers=7 --coverage --forceExit --ci --silent ${TESTFILES}
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--expose-gc tells the node to expose gc (garbage collector) to jest, so it can cleanup some unused memory
--lopHeapUsage shows how much memory each test is consuming
--passWithNoTests enables tests files without any test case
--maxWorkers=7 controls the concurrency of jest, because it can't really know the real number of cpu available to it
--coverage generates the code coverage report
--forceExit forces tests to finish if needed
--ci do not generate snapshot, breaks
--silent remove console.log to make tests run faster, I/O is expensive
${TESTFILES} list of files to be tested in that specific container

In Summary

Understand how your CI/CD tool works can enable you to make it fast, and provide a fast feedback loop for your team.

Does your CI/CD support test splitting?


Test Splitting Tutorial

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