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Running many WebSocket servers

At Woovi, we have 7 frontends, and each frontend has their own server.
To provide a better DX, we run all the servers inside only one server in development.
Our solution to handle many WebSocket servers in the same server is to have 1 WebSocket server per endpoint.

WebSocket Server per endpoint

import http from 'http';

import WebSocket, { WebSocketServer as WSWebSocketServer } from 'ws';

// work with commonjs and esm
const WebSocketServer = WebSocket.Server || WSWebSocketServer;

export const createWebsocketMiddleware = (
  propertyName = 'ws',
  options = {},
) => {
  if (options instanceof http.Server) options = { server: options };

  const wsServers = {};

  const getOrCreateWebsocketServer = (url: string) => {
    const server = wsServers[url];

    if (server) {
      return server;

    const newServer = new WebSocketServer({
      ...(options.wsOptions || {}),
      noServer: true,

    wsServers[url] = newServer;

    return newServer;

  const websocketMiddleware = async (ctx, next) => {
    const upgradeHeader = (ctx.request.headers.upgrade || '')
      .map((s) => s.trim());

    if (~upgradeHeader.indexOf('websocket')) {
      const wss = getOrCreateWebsocketServer(ctx.url);

      ctx[propertyName] = () =>
        new Promise((resolve) => {
            (ws) => {
              wss.emit('connection', ws, ctx.req);
          ctx.respond = false;
      ctx.wss = wss;

    await next();

  return websocketMiddleware;
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const app = new Koa();


const routes = new Router();

routes.all('/ws', async (ctx) => {
   if (ctx.wss) { // check if this is a websocket connection
      // connect to websocket - upgrade
      const client = await; 
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Let's deep dive:

getOrCreateWebsocketServer get an existing WebSocket Server or create a new one based on URL
upgradeHeader checks if the request wants to use WebSocket
wss.handleUpgrade upgrades the requests to use WebSocket

To sum up

This is a generic approach, that let you have many WebSocket Server in a single server per endpoint.
It can be used in localhost to improve DX or even in production if you don't have much traffic.

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