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How a Senior can be more helpful on company

What is a Senior developer?

A Senior Developer is a person in a company that has a lot of knowledge relation to other developers, but the concentred knowledge on this Senior is not so cool for the entire company, because it can be shared with other developers, and increase the team's seniority.

How the Senior Developer can share your knowledge?

The Senior developer can share your knowledge building the documentation for each doubt that each developer can have. If he builds documentation for each doubt, when another dev asks or needs the content of this doc, the Senior dev won't take time to explain about making a pair programming.

For new devs in the company, the documentation can't be enough, so the senior developer can make a pair programming, making a tour of the code and explaining how the flow works on code.

On the Woovi we have a culture of creating new documentation for each question, core processes, and new patterns/rules that we create. So by now, we have more than 240 documents, explaining processes, code patterns, and tests. With this amount of documentation, we ensure that our new Developers with take less time on onboarding time, and have more time to focus on delivering value.

Another way to share knowledge


When we are on a new codebase or get a new feature we don't have too much context about it. So the Senior Developer can share your known context for the developers across the issues, detailing with high granularity how the new feature should be implanted, your cons and pros, how to test, etc...


Mentoring devs will help them how to understand the code and understand the mental model behind the code. So before they code, they will know the above vision of the code

The cool part of elevating the team's seniority

Be Replaced

If the Senior Developer teaches Junior Developer how to do the things that he already knows, this Senior is ready to learn and implement new things on the codebase, because he doesn't need still doing the same thing that the Junior now knows and will replace the Senior Developer.

Discuss advanced topics

The intention of the team it's grown on seniority over time, so how more basic things the team knows about the code, the more advanced things the team will be able to discuss because the basic things already known by the team and don't need to learn again. "The base it's important!".

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