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Debugging nested objects

Everybody uses console.log to debug if a given state of your program is as expected.
However console.log won't work to debug every variable.
If the variable is an object with many nested levels, all the levels won't show up in your output

If you try to debug this variable:

const nested = {
    a: {
      b: {
        c: {
          d: 'd',
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You will get this in your terminal

{ a: { b: { c: [Object] } } }
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This is not so helpful if you need to know what is inside c property.

Showing up all object property levels

We have this function debugConsole, that will show all nested levels in the object, and also add colors if available.

import util from 'util';

export const debugConsole = (obj: Record<string, unknown>) => {
    util.inspect(obj, {
      showHidden: false,
      depth: null,
      colors: true,
      showProxy: false,
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The output is like this:


In Conclusion

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jonrandy profile image
Jon Randy 🎖️

You might want to provide more context here? In a browser, logging such an object to the console gives an interactive output that allows inspecting of all levels. No issues at all.

I can only assume maybe you are referring to NodeJS?

franklinjavier profile image
Franklin Javier 🚀

He wrote "You will get this in your terminal"

tuliocalil profile image
Tulio Calil

Another way (that I use a lot) is with JSON.stringify().

const nested = {a: {b: {c: {d: 'd'}}}};

console.table(JSON.stringify(nested, null, 2));
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Works very well too.