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Taken from my notes: Create a new React app

About Me

I'm a self taught programmer. I taught computer programming to high school students at in Cleveland, OH. I attended Le Wagon Coding Boot camp and COVID-19 hit during my big job hunt. I'm now trying my hardest to learn React so I can make a living building beautiful websites.

React Quick Start

(Note this is for Linux)


Download and install Nodejs
Download and install nvm (Use LTS)
Make sure you also install yarn.

Create React App

  1. In your terminal navigate to the parent directory of where you want to start your new project. If you use yarn create skip step 4.
    > npx create-react-app ‘project_name’ or > yarn create react-app ‘project_name’

  2. navigate to the project
    > cd ‘project_name’

  3. Install SCSS (optional)
    > yarn add node-sass

  4. for routing install react-router-dom (optional, skip if you used yarn create in step 1)
    > yarn add react-router-dom

  5. Start the server
    > yarn start

… and you're ready to go...

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