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How to enable React Native extension on Zeplin web

wolfmaster8 profile image Felipe Lobo Updated on ・1 min read

Hello, I'm doing this post because I couldn't find this in the docs of Zeplin, so you avoid a headache :)

Why should you need this?

Your UX/UI designer exported all the screens and components into Zeplin and you are developing in RN. In the web version you get to the component code snippet part and you'll see a XML snippet and no RN version.

Alt Text

Add React Native extension to Zeplin Web

In the right corner of the snippet you see a config icon. Click on the icon
Alt Text

When you click there, and if your screen has the same height of mine, you'll have the same problem I had.

Alt Text

The header of the modal gets cropped, so you can't go to the extensions page. Just click F11 to enable Fullscreen and see the header:

Alt Text

Then click Extensions and enable RN:

Alt Text

Finally you'll get your RN code snippet:
Alt Text

That's all!

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