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Use TweetDeck for your next #DevDiscuss

I've been living under a rock.

I tried using Twitter years ago, but I just couldn't understand the allure. I ended up with several different accounts, and not a single one of them sparked joy for me. 🤣 Then one day I unlocked the mystery when I tagged a musician in this tweet:

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To which he responded:

Just like that, Ben Kweller knew I existed. Finally, I thought, I get why people use this thing, and I forgot about it almost entirely.

Today it is one of the top platforms I use to connect with colleagues, stay abreast of industry news, and laugh at Nathan Fillion's antics.

Have you heard of TweetDeck?

I have. Maybe. Truth be told, I might be confusing the name with SlackDeck, because before last Tuesday I wasn't aware of TweetDeck's existence. When I fired it up, I noticed that it shared a likeness with another application I've been using lately:


I decided that TweetDeck must have inspired the design, and, therefore, TweetDeck must be the senior application by, what, a year or two?

Ten Years. 🤦🏼‍♂️

How I will be using TweetDeck in the future.

This isn't a How To Use TweetDeck article; I intend a very specific purpose, so I will be terse. For your next #DevDiscuss, try adding only three columns to your TweetDeck:

  1. A search column for #DevDiscuss
  2. A notifications column
  3. A collections column to save things for later.

Your #DevDiscuss tweets will flow into one place, you can respond without navigating away, responses will show up in your notifications, and you can drag tweets you want to come back to into your collections column:


One Final, Obvious Tip.

The above image shows a squeaky clean setup for #DevDiscuss, but TweetDeck also makes it easy not to miss tweets from your favorite people by assigning them to a column. On any given day, half of you might be in mine. ❤️

That is all.

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