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Willian Krueger

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Upload/Download files to Netsuite File Cabinet

nscabinet NPM version

Upload/download files to a netsuite account, using the included restlet.

PS: This is actually also a gulp plugin.

Required Dependency Status devDependency Status

  • node.js 4+

Quick start

    npm install suiteplus/nscabinet
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WARNING: The version on npm is outdated, use the command above to install from Github

  • Install the nscabinet restlet bundle in your netsuite account (or manually create the script using the file in the repo) *

  • Create a nsconfig.json file in the root of you project with at least email , password, account, script number and deployment number.

  • Use it with gulp or with the CLI (see CLI section below)

var nscabinet = require('nscabinet');
gulp.src('myProject/dist/**/*.js').pipe(nscabinet({ rootPath : '/Templates' }));
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(*) if installing from the bundle, the minor version must match your current version of nscabinet

Accepted input ways

The parameters may…

I wouldn't say best but just something that became useful to a couple of ppl, and so it got a couple stars.

Made it like 5 yrs ago

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