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What exactly does REDIS provide? I'm like 1

I think it has something to do with Databases, but even the official site CONFUSES me! Is anyone willing to share what REDIS does? I'm thinking of using it for a project.

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Fahmi Noor Fiqri

Redis is just like any other database, but with some features that are specific for a certain use case.

Redis is primarily known for caching, because it is blazing fast. But in the recent years, Redis has evolved to become a fully-fledged database for apps. It supports Key-Value database (like etcd/memcached), Graph database (like Neo4j), fast search (RedisSearch), supports JSON (like MongoDB), and many more features.

So, if you're into using Redis in your app but not sure how to use it, you can search for Redis Hackathon on the search bar, you can see a lot of apps built using only Redis that is a great start to look for an inspiration.

But of course, the database paradigm is a bit different, Redis doesn't use SQL or JS-like query like in Mongo. But I think it is worth trying to use Redis as your main database.

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Thank You so much! Redis IS so useful though, using RAM instead of storage. however, of course I need more RAM as it is not enough for my use. There is another REDIS sub-thing for storage. But all in all, Redis is my go-to.

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Raymond Wangsa Putra

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just kidding, my bad.

If you understand Hashmap in Java, or Dictionary in Python, or Javascript Object. Yes, Redis work like that way. Storing your data in Memory / RAM.

Longer explanation:
Redis is actually a database, but different storing mechanism.
Traditional Relational database like MySQL or PostgreSQL will store their data to disks (HDD or SSD).
But Redis, by default storing the data to your RAM/Memory, making it faster to access or to write compared to MySQL or other Relational database. It usually used for caching. So you can access frequently-used data faster compared to accessing it to MySQL (or any other database).
But at some point, you can also store the data in Redis into your disks (for backup purposes), usually this called Redis Persistence or Redis Snapshot.

If you want some videos i recommend:

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Thank you SO MUCH omg thanks! You r my hero :)