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Me when I'm not Deving

Watercooler time!

If you had seen from the cover page, Gaming is one thing I do when I'm not developing (which is pretty rare, considering I'm a student too)

Here is mine:

  • Coding
  • Playing the Piano (I have near perfect-pitch and can play any song without looking at the score!)
  • Building plastic models
  • Doing card tricks
  • Yoyo tricks
  • Speedcubing
  • Playing table tennis
  • Playing the Guitar
  • Watching 1 hour long ted talks (They are interesting sometimes...)
  • Laughing
  • Gaming
  • Reading (I have more than average reading speed)
  • Crocheting

I am just, obsessed with these. Yeah, just a place to show off what you can do!

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Erin • Edited
  • tarot, astrology, numerology
  • embroidery, weaving
  • abstract drawing with ink pen
  • creative writing and introspective journaling
  • learning a second language (norwegian)
  • hacking
  • runescape
  • music production and synths
  • productivity frameworks to help me do stuff (the doing stuff usually doesn't happen but the planning is fun)
  • finding new music to play on repeat (right now it's a band called sleep token)
  • reading non-fiction about history, politics, philosophy, psychology, mathematics, information systems, cryptography, networking

I cycle through all of these regularly with intense hyperfocus that varies in length. I haven't read a book in a while but I'll probably read five back to back when I need to scratch the itch again. I used to game a lot but I don't get dopamine hits the same anymore, but questing on RS is fun for me.

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