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How to create sustainable new year resolutions

1. Think on paper

Write down what you want to achieve

2. Ask yourself

What I liked about last year? What I didn’t like about last year? How can I improve it? Where do I see myself in 10 years from now? How can I make relevant goals for my future?

3. Write the goals by 6 sections, health, relation, career, intellectual, spiritual, and personal.

Make the goals SMART, abbreviations for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound.Let say I want to improve my relationships.

  • Weak Goal Example: I’m going to improve my relationships.
  • SMART Goal Example:
  • Specific: I will develop my relationships with David, Sarah, and Mom.
  • Measurable: I will call each of these people twice per week. Achievable: I talk to these people regularly, and we always say how it’d be nice to talk more.
  • Relevant: I want to deepen my social ties, feel more loved and supported in my life, and support those I love.
  • Time-bound: I will stick to this plan for 3 months, then re-evaluate and plan my next steps.
  • SMART Goal Example Summary: I will call David, Sarah, and Mum twice per week for 3 months to develop my relationships with them.

4.Prioritize- in each column, the one which will bring you the most result should be number 1 and accordingly do this to each of the goals.However, this doesn’t apply to habits or lifestyle changes. You can make a different column for habits.

5. Eliminate- keep only the 20% goals which will bring you 80% of results.

6. Know your purpose behind choosing that specific goal.

7. Break the list into steps and arrange those steps in a quarterly and monthly list.

8. Analyze the problems, solutions, strategy etc.

9. Read this list every day and honestly give yourself marks.

If you’ve done all the steps, I mentioned then there you have, an effective and achievable new year resolution.

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