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Bucket sort

Bucket sort, or bin sort, is a sorting algorithm that works by distributing the elements of an array into a number of buckets. Each bucket is then sorted individually, either using a different sorting algorithm, or by recursively applying the bucket sorting algorithm

Sorts an array of numbers, using the bucket sort algorithm.

Use Math.min(), Math.max() and the spread operator (...) to find the minimum and maximum values of the given array.

Use Array.from() and Math.floor() to create the appropriate number of buckets (empty arrays).

Use Array.prototype.forEach() to populate each bucket with the appropriate elements from the array.

Use Array.prototype.reduce(), the spread operator (...) and Array.prototype.sort() to sort each bucket and append it to the result.

const bucketSort = (arr, size = 5) => {
  const min = Math.min(...arr);
  const max = Math.max(...arr);
  const buckets = Array.from(
    { length: Math.floor((max - min) / size) + 1 },
    () => []
  arr.forEach(val => {
    buckets[Math.floor((val - min) / size)].push(val);
  return buckets.reduce((acc, b) => [...acc, ...b.sort((a, b) => a - b)], []);

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 bucketSort([23,6, 3, 4, 1]); // [1, 3, 4, 6,23]
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